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Harry L. Allen, III, PhD. Environmental Scientist

Education: Rutgers University, Graduate School, New Brunswick, NJ, Thesis Title: "Benthal Decomposition of Adsorbed Octadecane" 1974.

Career: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Response Team, Edison, NJ.08837. From 1980 until July 2011, I served as a national technical expert in the area of hazardous waste and emergency response. My specialty is biological treatment of soil and sediment contaminated with oil and persistent organic pollutants at emergency response and Superfund removal and remedial actions. I was the Scientific Support Coordinator at the Ashland Oil and PEPCO oil spills, and I provided scientific support at the Exxon Valdez, BP Deepwater Horizon, and Enbridge oil spills.

I participated in bioremediation projects at over 17 oil sites and oil spills. I have implemented aerobic bioremediation technology (land farming) for wood treating chemical contamination at 13 pentachlorophenol (PCP) and 12 creosote sites. I have implemented bioremediation as a solution for pesticide contamination (mainly, toxaphene and DDT) 32 sites. I have extensive international experience in emergency response and in troubleshooting environmental problems as well as in devising solutions for environmental contamination in 17 foreign countries.

After retiring, I started my own small consulting company, HLA3 Environmental, and I teach. I continue to support the Government of Vietnam effort to remediate Agent Orange and dioxin-contaminated soil from the war. In May 2010 I completed a pilot study in Danang in partnership with the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to demonstrate the feasibility of using bioremediation on contaminated soil and sediment.